The Uganda Premier League season has been furthermore pushed forward by two weeks according to the FUFA.

Police FC preseason training

Previously, the long awaited season was expected to kick off on the 20th of November but has been set for December 3, 2020 with strict observance on Covid 19 guidelines.

According to a statement issued by the football governing Federation on Friday, FUFA will procure a Government authorised authority as the official FUFA COVID Testing Centre and only results from such a centre will be recognised.

FUFA also noted that all the licensed players and technical team will have to undergo a mandatory COVID 19 test before and a clearance certificate issued.

“Only persons who test negative and get issued with a FUFA COVID-19 Clearance Certificate shall be eligible to participate in the team training and matches.”

The Statement Read

The testing of all players and technical team will be administered bi-weakly.

The statement further states that,

“Players and officials found to be positive to the COVID-19 test shall be ineligible to make contact with the rest of the players and technical staff for training and matches.”

In cases where players are tested positive before a game and it necessitates reschedule, FUFA said,

“A match shall only be rescheduled if a club has less than 10 outward players and 1 goalkeeper that are not positive to the COVID-19 test.”

Training and Matches venues are out of bounds to persons that are not members of the playing or technical staff that have been issued with FUFA COVID-19 Clearance Certificate.

An inspection will be conducted by FUFA and only authorised venues will be issued with the FUFA COVID-19 Venue Clearance Certificate to host trainings and matches.

The federation will issue COVID-19 Competitions Regulations to detail the execution of the authorised matches and training by 15th November 2020 with the strict observation of training grounds and Stadium SOPs.

There will be sanctions and fines up to exclusion of the club from FUFA Competitions for repeated and gross violation of the COVID-19 Competitions Regulations.

The FUFA Club Licensing Committee will issue 2020/21 UPL Club Licenses by 3rd November 2020 while the FUFA Competitions Directorate to issue Players’ Licenses and bench permits by 10th November 2020 and the UPL Secretariat shall release the fixtures by 10th November 2020.